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The Healthcare industry is expected to impart precaution is imparting the highest quality care and safety for the well-being of the patients. The healthcare industry is directly responsible for the life of a person which cannot be taken so lightly. They need to follow the best practices to ensure there is no harm or death of a person due to their negligence in any case.

To ensure this safety and quality measure lies more in the hands of the healthcare providers (doctors, nurses) who are considered as God’s in times of emergencies. They follow the Greek Principle of” First not harm” and are promised to provide the best quality care to their patients.

Past Evidence

So let’s assume you go for right knee replacement surgery but instead of right, your left knee is operated on, that is not even easy to imagine but some people are subject to these kinds of negligent and unsafe healthcare treatments. “To Err is Human” but this is just not acceptable when it comes to healthcare practices.

  • The annual perspective of 2016 highlights the methods which hospitals can use to stop preventable deaths and thereby improve patient safety measures. (Sumant Ranji)
  • The seminal report from the US Institute of Medicine reported that in 1999, nearly 100,000 people in US hospitals died from medical errors and quality lapses every year.
  • The Centres for Medicare and Medicaid released data indicating that although 2.1 million fewer patients were harmed by hospital-acquired infections between 2010 and 2014, there has been little progress on the injury from falls and misdiagnosis.

All these past statistics show medical errors have been the prime cause of deaths for most of the deaths around the world.  

How to improve healthcare quality and safety?

  • There are three main common causes of medical errors that pose threats to a patient’s life are medication errors, infection from central lines, and medical misdiagnosis.
  • The medical providers are also at times take all the necessary steps to be careful and they do not intend to cause harm to patients instead they focus on providing high-quality and safe healthcare solutions, but it’s the medical errors that pose as a major challenge.
  • Investigations have proved that medical errors that been the prime reason for a sustainable number of preventable death, thus negatively impacting healthcare costs.
  • The airline and food industry are being taken as an example by the healthcare industry to implement safety measures and bridge the quality gaps causing no harm to humans.
  • The starting point to identify the gaps in quality and safety is to measure the quality of care provided by different healthcare providers. 
  • The next point is to provide information on where quality and safety can be improved. Also, financial aid to providers to engage in the right care and support improves care.
  •  It can be seen that measuring quality and improving health care has increasingly been recognized by professional organizations as a core professional, moral, and ethical responsibility of all health professionals.


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