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Categorize your project

Categorize your project as per your department. This feature allows you to make the categories related to your project. You can use category headers to quickly display subcategories and related sections.

Kanban Board

Customizable workflow. Visualize your work with Kanban Board

A Kanban board is a tool for workflow visualization. The board represents the overall project and is divided into four parts: To do, In progress, Done, and Overdue. Use Kanban boards to save time and give full visibility to your team. The board will serve as a dedicated information repository. It will give visibility about what your team members are doing at the time. The Kanban board keeps you and your team updated about how working is progressing.

Gantt Charts

Visualize your whole project with a Gantt chart

Gantt chart is the most popular and useful way of showing tasks and events displayed against time. A Gantt chart shows you the activities and the schedule. It also helps you view the start and end dates of a project in one simple view.

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Plan, Schedule, and Review

You can plan, schedule and prioritize your tasks. You can review your teammates work progress along with the date and time. It shows what projects and tasks have been created and updated along with the title. It also displays the status of your and your team members tasks.

Task management (Calendar)

A good task management tool must be easily combined with a simplified calendar that is easy to manage and access. Through the calendar, you can organize and schedule tasks to work for project timelines and meetings. The calendar keeps you updated in terms of incomplete, complete, outstanding, and milestones. View the calendar in different views as users, monthly, weekly, daily.

Zoom integration

Schedule and start an instant meeting or join a scheduled meeting quickly. HPMA groups are integrated with Zoom meetings. Upload your document or send the links, or share the screen. Connect with many people. You can get the zoom integration in the groups under the user panel.

Reporting and Visualization

A part of task management is to monitor and observe task progress. It is needed to standardize the workflow of tasks to make tasks progress effectively. You can view the reports of your projects tasks. It is divided into six parts i.e. Overdue tasks, Complete tasks, User activities, Task by Milestones, Unassigned tasks, Summary

Evaluate the Tasks

With this feature, you can view your and your teammates' task under the My Tasks header. Here, you can view all the tasks with a task list along with the project name, the due date of the project, and its creator. Under the Overview, sub header you can view all tasks at a glance. This feature permits you to see your team members’ activities also in the form of a graph and pie chart


Collaboration is an important part of project management. When you use a project management system, it need to be easy for you to collaborate on all the projects. The system should allow you to share documents, files, timelines, and tasks easily. Discussions and chats should be easily done. With the help of a discussion panel, you can easily create a discussion platform, can share the files, documents, and tasks.

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