Is coronavirus preparing project managers for the next crisis? How?

Every industry has been affected by COVID-19, but the medical industry was hit hard by the pandemic. Project management can be of great use, especially now, because handling the healthcare industry resources, labor, staff, supplies, finances, and equipment is becoming difficult. Project managers can play a huge role in helping organizations cope with the next crisis.

How can project managers prove to be instrumental during such critical times? Let us discuss four ways in which they can do so-

1. Identify supply chain and other operational gaps: Preparing for the next crisis would involve – knowing areas or teams that proved inadequate and managing any shortage of equipment, service, or supplies. It also involves analyzing with front-line workers and leaders the crisis so that you can get to the root cause. Proper allocation of resources is another key to improve the process.

2. Recognize challenges of leadership: Leadership skills come a long way during the crisis, so addressing disparities in skill and knowledge is a must now. Providing required training now can prepare leaders for any upcoming situations.

Also, joining worldwide panels and forums can equip leaders with additional information on best practices or alternative approaches that others are using. For this to happen, project managers can take an organization-wide initiative to join these panels or forums.

3. Filling in staffing holes: As COVID is spreading rapidly, the need for more staff arose. However, the mandate to stay home has already created a staffing hole. Besides, without PPE gear, the front-line workers are at greater

risk. Apart from this, they are going through burnout. Collectively this is causing more absences and hence more operational gaps. Project managers, with the help of the Government, need to fix this issue. They need to identify and address staffing issues. Also, it’s necessary to come up with strategies to better protect front-line workers.

4. Make a preparedness response plan: The fact about the coronavirus pandemic is that hospitals and care centers were not ready for it. Another pandemic could likely surface shortly. The key to deal with it successfully could be in forming a preparedness & response plan. Project managers can work with leaders and medical institutes to devise a better strategy. As part of their strategy, they can focus on better utilizing the resources and ensuring adequate standby supplies and equipment on an immediate basis. Coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity for those in the healthcare domain to look back and learn from past mistakes.

Preparing for the worst-case scenario can help devise strategies now.

It is helpful if you can simulate most likely and unlikely situations.

Health professionals have gone through a lot during COVID. For many, it meant their life. So, there has to be a better way to help them in their work during the time of crisis. Project managers have a crucial role in achieving this objective.

As discussed above, there are four ways to handle the next crisis even before it occurs. This way, healthcare organizations will be ready to fill any gaps and provide the needed care.

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