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iPill Dispenser


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  • Anesthesia / Chronic pain management
  • Medication adherence
  • Software design
  • Hardware design
  • Regulatory
  • Drug development

iPill uses remote monitoring technology to combat the opioid crisis.

The problem is uncontrolled access to controlled substances. The opioid crisis is 20 years old and every year there’s a double-digit increase in the overdose death rate. In hospitals and pharmacies, opioids are locked in a secure location. Patients take opioids home and store them in an unsecured medicine cabinet where anyone can have access to them. 73% of teens get started on opioids by raiding the medicine cabinets at home. 1 in 4 overdoses now involve children and teens.

The solution is the iPill. The iPill is an APP  that acts as a key to access the iPill dispenser that acts like a “drug vault”. Only the person  prescribed to get access to opioids at only the prescribed dose and time. The dispenser destroys unused pills if tampered and disposes them st the end of the prescription. We add CBT apps for mental health support Saving lives, reducing medical expenses, and improving care is our goal.

We have 3 granted, FDA Class I registered, FDA breakthrough designated, and have 2 purchase orders from  addiction treatment centers.  Medicare announced that it will cover reimbursement of FDA designated products, making iPill the only dispenser to covered by insurance.

Have you locked up your opioids today. 1 of 4 opioid overdose is children and teens.